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Children’s fantasy picture book author Gina Browning talks promoting Moonbeam Dreams




Moonbeam Dreams is a children’s fantasy picture book written in an intricately rhyming format. It is 40 pages long and contains 22 bright and colorful full-page illustrations. It takes the reader and listener on a Dr. Seuss-like romp through a fantasy land, with strange and wonderful creatures amid entertaining imagery, which one might encounter in one’s dreams. It is a fun and up-lifting story that will delight readers of any age, and teaches that almost anything is possible if you can dream it.

What has been done to promote it?

Gina Browning is here today to talk about the steps she and her publisher took to promote her children’s book, Moonbeam Dreams.

“Since its publication, I’m told the publisher sent out press releases to over 40,000 media outlets,” she says. “I sent out copies of the same release to several hundred bookstores and additional media outlets in Australia. I have walked into several book stores, promoting it in person. I’ve featured it on Facebook and Twitter, and Book Tour and purchase info is included in my signature line of my emails.

“The local library featured my book at their contribution to the annual Desert Arts Festival in Alice Springs, Australia. I read the book at this event and signed copies afterwards.

My book was also featured at another “artist information night” associated with the same festival.

“I showed it and sold several copies at 3 Christmas markets that I recently attended.
I invested in “Pump up your book promotions”. We’re currently in the second month of my 2 month “book tour”.

“Also, I paid a little extra to have the publisher physically take my book to the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany this past October. There were “expressions of interest” from several publishers (to purchase the rights to publish it locally) from China, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, Poland, Greece, and the UK!! I’m hoping for GREAT things as a result of this little endeavor!! And YES! They’re also taking it to the book fairs in London, New York, and Beijing. I might try to attend one of these, but it depends on my daughter’s school schedule whether I can manage it or not.

“I have 3 copies on consignment at a Dymock’s bookstore in Glenelg, (South Australia) and I’m talking this week with a book store in Alice Springs about a book signing event in the very near future.

“I have had a few dozen copies on hand, at all times, and have sold some to family and friends personally.

“I was also invited to show my book (and illustrations) at a local week-long “Art teachers” gallery exhibit, where I sold several copies.

“The whole publishing and promoting business is a very long process and a lot of work, which eventually (and hopefully) will pay off in the long run. This book has been a LONG labor of love and I definitely feel that all of this promoting will eventually be worth it.”

You can visit Gina online at


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