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‘Released’ Tom Roy: ‘Writing a book was like writing 10 term papers.’




Tom Roy is the President and Founder of UPI. After a very brief time in the S.F. Giants organization, Tom went on to a career in radio, taking his first job in West Virginia. Shortly after that he felt the call of God to pursue a college degree and enrolled at Grace College in Winona Lake, IN. Upon completion of that degree he took a head baseball coaching job at a local high school for 3 years. He continued in that profession, coaching also at the college level for 9 years.

In 1979 God put UPI on Tom and Carins hearts. In 1980 the ministry became a reality.  Tom ministered to players thru chapels, in camps and clinics for 28 years. He has had the honor to serve Christ through UPI in many venues, including speaking and conducting clinics in over 60 countries.

Tom and Carin reside in Winona Lake, Indiana and have two daughters, Amy and Lindsay, and 6 grandchildren (Hannah, Luke, Faith, Tommy, Sam and Lainey).

In January of 2008 he assumed the role of President/Founder and now finds himself working with the Advancement of the ministry as well as staying in contact with “UPI alumni” and caring for ballplayers through counseling.

His latest book is Released.

You can visit Tom Roy’s website at

Q: Welcome to Beyond the Books, Tom.  Can we start out by telling us whether you are published for the first time or are you multi-published?

This is my first published work. I was once told not to write anything until at least age 50 or you may want to rewrite some of your thoughts that were not well thought through. Well, I gave it another 10 years to marinate and started writing at age 60.

Q: When you were published for the first time, which route did you go – mainstream, small press, vanity published or self-published and why or how did you choose this route?

Small press. I was fortunate to have a small publishing house in our town. I knew some of the executives and they had seen and believed in the work of UPI and ministry to professional baseball players.

Q: How long did it take you to get published once you signed the contract?

Including edits, rewrites and then having books in hand it took about 11 months.

Q: How did it make you feel to become published for the first time and how did you celebrate?

Writing a book like this was like writing 10 term papers. At first I was so relieved to have it done. I had edited and read the manuscript so many times that actually seeing the book in print was a relief. In terms of celebration I guess I had a quick “Yippee” moment in my soul and then got to marketing.

Q: What was the first thing you did as for as promotion when you were published for the first time?

I began to let all on my social networks know that the book was finished. I had a really good response in sales and feedback. Next was getting it on Amazon.

Q: Since you’ve been published, how have you grown as a writer and now a published author?

I am enjoying writing much more. I guess with a first time project you live through a lot of inner questioning. I feel more relaxed and excited to share what is on my heart.

Q: What has surprised or amazed you about the publishing industry as a whole?

It is a culture I had no idea about and was overwhelmed by the number of books published. Then, I began to learn about e-books. Wow, there is a lot of marketing and writing going on and I have so much more to learn.

Q: What is the most rewarding thing about being a published author?

That the message of UPI and the grace of Jesus to the professional baseball world was going to be understood better.

Q: Any final words for writers who dream of being published one day?

Start writing!  Do not feel like you have to do this alone. This is a group effort with many edits and eyes. But you have the story. Start putting it into text.


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