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Guest Blogger: Five Things You Need to Know About My Seductive Cuba by Chen Lizra




Five Things You Need to Know About My Seductive Cuba

By Chen Lizra

  • My Seductive Cuba has QR codes incorporated into the book that allow owners of smart-phones to use their built-in cameras with free software to go directly to a website listed in the book. The QR codes add another dimension to the book by taking you to recommended sites, videos of dance styles discussed, or photos of a location. You really get the full lifestyle experience using the various senses. The book is also printed in full colour and offers high quality paper to make the intriguing pictures pop out. And if this is not enough, there are different types of fonts used in the design to differentiate between travel guide sections and personal stories, allowing for an extra enjoyable reading experience.
  • My Seductive Cuba is a unique travel guide because it combines personal stories like in “Eat, Pray, Love” with a practical travel guide like a “Lonely Planet.” Yet this guide doesn’t just tell you where to go, but teaches you how Cubans think. It’s a new way of creating travel guides, one that makes you want to read the whole thing, not just skip to information you might need.
  • My Seductive Cuba is full of deeply personal and engaging stories by author, Chen Lizra, with her Cuban friends in Cuba. The book unfolds aspects of the culture which will really draw you in. You will get an insider view as if your best friend met you and showed you around. You will also get a glimpse from the inside at African ceremonies where people get possessed, one in particular where Chen Lizra’s best friend got possessed by a dead spirit and Chen’s personal secrets were exposed in front of everyone. It provides for a spiritual and anthropological journey inside the Santeria religion, the kind you will not find in any other travel guide.
  • My Seductive Cuba is both for those wanting to travel to Cuba as well as those who just want to learn about the culture from the comfort of their own seat. One thing for sure, it will show you a different world full of fun, complexities, warmth, seduction, and rhythm. It just might make you rethink your life and what makes you happy.
  • My Seductive Cuba will teach even the avid traveler to Cuba new things about the culture.


CHEN LIZRA started traveling to Cuba in 2005 in order to train with the island’s best professional dancers. Each year she finds more excuses to visit Cuba, discovering the culture from within and hanging out with her close friends.

Chen grew up in Israel and later moved to Canada. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in marketing, which allowed her to turn her passion — Cuban dance and music — into an inspiring lifestyle for others through her company, Latidos Productions®.

Chen was selected as the Student Entrepreneur Champion for British Columbia in 2008. The following year, she was nominated as one of the “Women of Distinction in Vancouver,” and in 2010, she was named “Woman of the Month” by Modern Working Woman Magazine. In addition, the Australian government has honoured Chen with a distinguished talent permanent visa. She’s also been featured in numerous newspaper articles and TV shows.

Her latest book is My Seductive Cuba – A Unique Travel Guide.

Visit her website at or  Connect with her at Twitter at!/MySeductiveCuba,!/ChenLizra and Facebook at


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