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ANGER MASTERY: GET ANGRY, GET HAPPY: Interview with ‘Get Happy’ Kevin Burk




Kevin B. Burk has been helping people around the world to improve their lives and relationships since 1996 through his astrological counseling and relationship coaching practice. His humor, wisdom and compassion are always present, in his books (ten so far, including Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart, The Relationship Handbook: How to Understand and Improve Every Relationship in Your Life, and his newest book, Anger Mastery: Get Angry, Get Happy), his classes and workshops, and his interactions with his clients and students. Kevin’s focus is always on the practical, exploring how we can actually use astrology and spiritual practice on a daily basis to transform our lives.

In the astrology world, he is best known for making Classical Astrology accessible to everyone, taking complex and abstract concepts and showing how they can be used to create concrete, specific and practical interpretations. Kevin’s website, The Real Astrology with Kevin B. Burk is one of the premiere astrology resources on the Internet. His book, Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart is a textbook used at Kepler University in their Undergraduate Astrology Degree program, and has been translated into Russian, and is currently being translated into Bulgarian. Kevin’s articles have appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, the Australian publication,Well Being Astrology, and in Llewellyn’s Moon Sign books.

In the non-astrology world, Kevin is best known for his unique approach to understanding and improving all human relationships through The Relationship Handbook andThe Relationship Workshops.

Kevin has released a series of DVDs of his Law of Attraction workshops: the self-contained Prosperity & The Law of Attraction, and Astrology & The Law of Attraction, a series of 7 DVDs recorded live in Houston, TX at a weekend workshop for the Gulf Coast Chapter of NCGR.

Kevin has developed a revolutionary program for spiritual growth called Archetypal Astrology: The Hero’s Journey. This intensive program guides participants through the process of meeting and moving into Right Relationship with each of the seven Astrological Archetypes (you may know them as the seven personal planets).

Kevin is currently synthesizing astrology and spirituality into his next series of books: Astrology & The Law of Attraction, Prosperity & The Law of Attraction andRelationships & The Law of Attraction.

You can visit Kevin’s website at

Thanks for this interview, Kevin!  Can we begin by having you tell us why you wrote your book?

Kevin: I can’t speak for the rest of the world (because I don’t have any experience of it), but Americans are angry. The amount of anger in this country today is unprecedented. The most visible way that it was manifesting at the time I was writing Anger Mastery, was through the Tea Party. Whatever your opinions of the Tea Party’s agenda, or of the Americans who have chosen to participate in this movement, what fuels the Tea Party is anger. It doesn’t matter what the members of the Tea Party think they’re angry about. All that matters is that because the Tea Party operates entirely from the consciousness of Anger, they will never improve any of the conditions they’re fighting to change; in fact, they will only succeed in making them worse.

A more recent expression of the level of anger in this country is the “Occupy” movement. Because this movement doesn’t have a set agenda, it hasn’t yet been co-opted; however, it’s no longer news, either.

I look at the political landscape, and see an unprecedented lack of civility, fueled by anger.

As much despair (and anger) as I felt about the conditions in America, I also had to face up to a difficult truth: None of this was any of my business. I have no interest in politics or government, and I’m not an elected official, so there’s absolutely nothing I can do, personally, to change the tone of the political landscape.

Still, I was inspired to take some kind of action. I just had to find a way to act that came from integrity, and stayed within the limits of “My Business.”

I can’t do anything to get other people to change their behavior; however, I can at least make it possible for others to move out of Victim Consciousness if they choose to do so. One of my particular talents is taking extremely complex, difficult concepts and making them accessible to a much greater audience. So, I wrote Anger Mastery: Get Angry, Get Happy.

How do you think people can benefit from your book?

Kevin: Well, Anger Mastery shows you the shortest path from wherever you are right now, to “Happy.” I’d say that’s a pretty big benefit.

Let me be clear though: just buying a copy of Anger Mastery: Get Angry, Get Happy and reading it will not make you happy. The only way to become truly happy is to do the work and follow the Anger Mastery Process, consistently. And even though the more you do the work, the easier it gets, you’ll still have to keep doing the work for the rest of your life.

That being said, I can absolutely guarantee that anyone that does the work and follows the Anger Mastery Process for 30 days will be noticeably happier at the end of that 30 day period.

Actually, the people who can benefit the most from this book are the ones who don’t think they need it at all. People who believe they don’t have a problem with anger because they almost never get angry are actually worse off than people who can’t control their anger. If you don’t feel anger, it means you’ve turned down the volume on the negative feelings because you can’t handle them. The problem is that if you don’t feel the bad feelings, you also can’t feel the good ones.

What are the 3 phases of the anger mastery process?

Kevin: Phase 1 has two objectives. First of all, you’ll learn how to use more of your own energy. Right now, you’re like a 120-volt appliance plugged into a 240-volt outlet. You simply can’t handle that much energy, which is why, among other things, you allow other people to steal it from you. So first, you need to get a gym membership and actually use it at least five days a week. Next, you’ll learn about the nature of reality, and the Kingdoms of Consciousness. Specifically, you’ll learn about Victim Consciousness (where you, along with 85% of the world, currently spend the majority of your time), and how to leave it, by asking the question, “Whose Business Is It?”

Phase 2 lasts for a full 30 days, and the objective of Phase 2 is to help you to stay out of Victim Consciousness by helping you to begin to feel Safe. During Phase 2, you’ll listen to a short, 9-minute guided meditation called the Present Moment Awareness Safety Meditation twice a day, morning and evening. The meditation is available as a free MP3 download from

Once you’re feeling Safe, and no longer live in Victim Consciousness, you’re ready for Phase 3. Here, you’ll explore the true nature of Happiness. You’ll discover your Core Values, and you’ll learn how to take the energy of your anger and channel it in positive, creative, constructive ways.

What are the two kinds of reality?

Kevin: The thing to remember about reality is that reality is completely subjective. No matter what you experience, it always feels real to you. When you’re dreaming, the dream is completely real. When you wake up, that feels completely real. You can’t compare two experiences and say that one feels more real than the other. Reality is subjective, because your experience of reality is defined by what you’re experiencing at any given moment.

This means there must be two types of reality. There’s the “little r” reality, which includes everything that exists in your world. And then there’s the “Big R” Reality, which includes everything that exists, period. Your “little r” reality is a very, very, very small part of the “Big R” Reality.

The “Big R” Reality includes things like war and famine. I know that these things exist in the world; however, they don’t exist in my world. They’re not a part of my “little r” reality.

Happiness also exists in the “Big R” Reality. If happiness isn’t currently a part of your “little r” reality, then all you need to do is to change your “little r” reality, so you’re experiencing the part of the “Big R” Reality that includes happiness.

The Anger Mastery Process shows you how to do this.

How is happy all about your consciousness?

Kevin: This is one of the most difficult — and important — concepts to understand.

In the introductory video at, I use the metaphor of a radio. While the radio is capable of tuning to any specific frequency, it can only tune to one frequency at a time (your “little r” reality). If you tune to a Country music station, your “little r” reality will be filled with Country music. How happy you are with this depends on how much you enjoy Country music. But whether you enjoy Country music or not, you will never hear any rock music as long as you’re tuned to a Country music station.

Most people think of happiness as a specific song. When that song plays, they’re happy…until it stops. You can listen to the song again, but the more you listen to the song, the less happy it makes you.

Happiness isn’t a song; it’s a radio station. When you tune to the frequency of “Happiness” no matter what song plays, it will make you feel happy.

In other words, if you’re not happy, it’s because you’re focused on a “little r” reality that doesn’t support happiness. You can get angry about this (and that’s the first step to becoming happy), but there’s no action you can take within your “little r” reality that will make things any better. You have to raise the vibration of your consciousness, and tune to a different “little r” reality—and keep doing this until you are completely happy.

This is what the Anger Mastery Process teaches you to do.

How is getting angry the first step to happiness?

Kevin: Anger is both an emotion, and a level of consciousness that calibrates at 150. Anything that calibrates below 200 is a part of First Kingdom/Victim Consciousness, and has an exceptionally low rate of happiness.

At the “little r” realities of the levels of consciousness that calibrate below 150, you know you’re unhappy, but you don’t have enough energy to do anything about it.

At the level of Pride, which calibrates at 175, you have plenty of energy, but it’s all used to defend and protect your “little r” reality, which keeps you trapped in Victim Consciousness.

Anger is the only level of consciousness where you are aware that you’re unhappy and you have enough energy, drive and motivation to take action and do something about it.

Of course, in order for this to work, you have to master your anger. When most people feel angry, they react from anger, which only makes the situation worse. When you master your anger, however, you have the ability to respond from a place of power and integrity. Instead of trying to change the conditions of your “little r” reality, you expand your consciousness and tune to a different frequency.

How is anger like fire?

Kevin: Like fire, anger is a natural resource, a force of nature, and a powerful source of energy. When it’s unchecked and undirected, it can be dangerous and destructive. However, when you master it, there is no limit to its uses and benefits. Now, anger may not be able to keep you warm, but then again, fire can’t make you happy.

Thanks for this interview, Kevin.  Do you have any final words?

Kevin: Of course: Get angry, get happy!

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