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I Want It All – Can I Have It? by J.B. Miller, author of ‘No Time for Love’




I Want It All – Can I Have It?

By J.B. Miller, Author of “No Time For Love”

Every career decision I have made has revolved around family. It started with my first career in television, where I very much wanted to be the next Barbara Walters. I was focused, ambitious and determined to succeed. I remember going to a large industry conference and putting my head shot and resume under the hotel door of every television station General Manager at the event. I sent demo tapes to so many television markets that I lost count. Even though I had my own cable access television show and did a few commercials, it wasn’t yet the big time. Then I got my break – a job offer as weekend weather girl for a northern California television station.

That’s when it hit me. If I was going to go for it, I really had to go for it. This meant a year or two in Salinas-Monterey, then on to somewhere like Green Bay, Phoenix, and Baltimore, and maybe, just maybe I would make it onto a station in a top 5 market. I froze. How would I ever meet someone and start a family if I was moving around the country every couple of years? Maybe I would, but is this really what I wanted?

Career choice number one -pursue the business side of television. I met my husband soon after. That decision led me to work for one of the largest television networks, which led to a role as a strategic consultant for Fortune 100-500 corporations, an Investment Banker and an Executive Recruiter.  Each of the choices I made were in response to demands on my time as wife, mother and career woman.While I gave up the possibility of reaching the highest ranks in my professions, it was my way of finding the balance and having as much of ‘all’ as I could handle.

Sometimes I wonder if I had stayed on the television path, would I have made it onto 60 Minutes or the Today Show? On the other hand, if I hadn’t had all of the wonderful experiences that I have had in my varied careers, how would I get all of the great material for my books? I love my life. I am a mother, wife and author, not to mention, by facing life on my terms, I have even improved my tennis game.

In No Time For Love, Chatham Ross is like all of us – busy, stretched and frazzled. She has chosen to have her own business and from my personal life experience, that is when we come the closest to being able to have it all.


J.B. Miller is a published author of fiction, non-fiction, award-winning poetry, music, and numerous articles and blogs. No Time For Love is her first novel. She resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and three children.

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