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Character Interview: Cameron Gates from Lauren Carr’s ‘Dead on Ice’




We’re thrilled to have here today Cameron Gates from Lauren Carr’s mystery, Dead on Ice. Cameron Gates is a 40 year old homicide detective living in Hookstown, Pennsylvania.

It is a pleasure to have her with us today at Beyond the Books!

Dead on Ice smThank you so for this interview, Cameron.  Now that the book has been written, do you feel you were fairly portrayed or would you like to set anything straight with your readers?

Actually, I believe Lauren toned me down a bit. I know people think I’m crazy. The truth is, it’s the world that’s crazy. In my business, I see it all the time. Granted, as a homicide detective, I see the worst of people at the worst times of their lives. But so often, it’s them or those around them who bring it on.

Like on the case Josh and I were working in Dead on Ice. Here is this fifty-plus year old winery owner. Granted, she was a hot fifty-plus winery owner hitting on Josh’s sixteen year old son. A real life cougar, right here in little old Hookstown. Plus, she’s married to boot! Well, this cougar’s carousing leads to all a royal mess—I thought Josh was going to dump me, in which case I would have had to kill myself.

Yet, for some unbelievable reason, she couldn’t see where she had caused it all.

Why do people think I’m crazy? Because I do what I have to do to protect us from the nuts out there.

Do you feel the author did a good job colorizing your personality?  If not, how would you like to have been portrayed differently?

I wish she had made me sexier, but I guess Lauren was confined by the truth. Josh has a sixteen year old son, Donny, who is still at home. Josh has this thing about not letting Donny know that we’re having sex. Come on! We’ve been dating for eight months. We’re in love. It isn’t like Josh has had different women coming in and out of his bedroom. Anyway, one night I managed to seduce Josh and we fell asleep in the family room in front of the fireplace. Donny walked in on us. Actually, Donny didn’t just walk in. Irving, my cat, went and got him and blew the whistle on us. Now Josh is saying Irving is a snitch.

To answer your question, I wish she made me sexier. But, alas, it is what it is.

What do you believe is your strongest trait?

My honesty.

Worse trait?

Same thing. Honesty. For people who see the truth as not a good thing, it is my worse trait.

If you could choose someone in the television or movie industry to play your part if your book was made into a movie, who would that be (and you can’t say yourself!)?

Jennifer Connelly. We have the same eyes.

Do you have a love interest in the book?

Joshua Thornton, of course. It is the Lovers in Crime. Josh is the Hancock County prosecuting attorney, which is in West Virginia. Hancock County is the most northern point in West Virginia, in the northern panhandle. If you go a mile in any direction, then you find yourself in Pennsylvania or Ohio.

Joshua and I met when he was working on a cold murder case, which I had worked years ago. It was a Jane Doe found in Pittsburgh. My bosses attributed her murder to that of a serial killer, whose case I was working on. I knew it was a copy cat. When the serial killer asked Joshua to find Jane Doe’s real killer to give her family peace, he came to me.

We’ve been together ever since.

At what point of the book did you start getting nervous about the way it was going to turn out?

When Donny was being held hostage at knifepoint. I had been so focused on catching the killer that I put Josh’s youngest son right in the line of fire.

If you could trade places with one of the other characters in the book, which character would you really not want to be and why?

Admiral, Josh’s Great Dane-Irish Wolfhound mix. He’s so calm, cool, and collected. Nothing fazes him. He sleeps all day and night. His dinner is served to him. What a life.

I could say Irving, my Maine Coon cat. It’s the same for him, but he has issues. You’d have issues, too, if you looked like a skunk and people screamed every time they see you. Irving has been having a rough time ever since Josh and I got together. He’s a one woman cat and is afraid the Josh is going to take me away from him.

How do you feel about the ending of the book without giving too much away?

Sweet. It ends with Josh and I at our place, Cricksters. It’s a retro ice cream joint in Chester, eating our favorite ice cream sundae for two.

What words of wisdom would you give your author if s/he decided to write another book with you in it?

Give me more clever quips. Make me sexier.

Thank you for this interview, Cameron.  Will we be seeing more of you in the future?

Yes, Real Murder is coming this spring. In Real Murder, I’m put on medical leave after getting a concussion umping off a third floor fire escape to catch a killer. I’m going bonkers.

So, when a television producer shows up wanting to cast Josh’s son J.J. as a prosecutor in a mock trial for the real murder, I jump in with both feet.

This is the producer’s second shot. The first one was twenty years ago, in which Josh played the role as prosecutor. That show was cancelled when the defense attorney disappeared while following up a lead to the real killer.

This is one reality show that’s to die for!


Lauren CarrLauren Carr fell in love with mysteries when her mother read Perry Mason to her at bedtime. The first installment in the Joshua Thornton mysteries, A Small Case of Murder was a finalist for the Independent Publisher Book Award. A Reunion to Die For was released in hardback in June 2007. Both of these books are in re-release.

Lauren is also the author of the Mac Faraday Mysteries, which takes place in Deep Creek Lake, Maryland. The first two books in her series, It’s Murder, My Son and Old Loves Die Hard have been getting rave reviews from readers and reviewers. Lauren’s fifth mystery, Shades of Murder has been receiving rave reviews since its release.

Lauren’s sixth book, Dead on Ice, will be released in Fall 2012. Dead on Ice will introduce a new series entitled Lovers in Crime, in which Joshua Thornton will join forces with homicide detective Cameron Gates.

The owner of Acorn Book Services, Lauren is also a publishing manager, consultant, editor, cover and layout designer, and marketing agent for independent authors. This spring, two books written by independent authors will be released through the management of Acorn Book Services.

Lauren is a popular speaker who has made appearances at schools, youth groups, and on author panels at conventions. She also passes on what she has learned in her years of writing and publishing by conducting workshops and teaching in community education classes.

She lives with her husband, son, and two dogs on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Visit her websites at and


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  1. Lauren Carr says:

    Thank you so much, Beyond the Books, for having Cameron Gates here today. I’ll work on her suggestion to make her sexier in Real Murder. But I can only do so much.


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