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Guest post from Michael An’gileo, author of ‘The Bluelite Message’








Michael An’gileo feels uniquely blessed to share a message of love received after the unexpected death of his own father. Visited by a blue, sparkling light since early childhood, he later realized this is the Universal guiding light residing in every human being: it only needed to be awakened. The Bluelite Message was published, and today its universal message of infinite love is opening human hearts around the world. Michael An’gileo was born in Kenmore, New York, graduated from USC, and is widely regarded as a preeminent visionary and story-teller about a coming Golden Age for our planet.

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THE BLUELITE MESSAGE: Surprise book of the Fall
This surprise book hit the cyber world this Fall, and people are buzzing about it, from Los Angeles to Australia to Bombay, India. The question everyone is asking is the same: “Have you received the message yet?” So what is The Bluelite Message? Apparently our world is poised for a unifying force which transcends our global differences. Can 2012 really be a year of real change? Author, Michael An’gileo, calls it a sign of the times. “We’re finally leaving the Piscean Era which was all about stark difference. The Bluelite is the long-awaited messenger of a better tomorrow. It’s very real.” The characters in the book wear a blue light upon their eyes and deliver their 22-word light message to the world. “The Bluelite Message provides a way to release the old, to embrace the freedom and joy the planet was always designed for. It’s a fictional story, but also a human journey, and a unifying message for today’s real world.” For the cost of a fresh brew, anyone can download this book, now traveling the world. It sounds like an offer whose time may have finally come


This message in a bottle is crossing oceans and touching human hearts. The Bluelite Message has been called a text message from Heaven. The messenger is Keith Dartman and the message is the power of one, the glory of persistence – over unthinkable loss. Written by Michael An’gileo after the death of his own father, the “blue book,” as it’s often called, is finding its way into the hearts of many. Keith Dartman is the reluctant messenger who overcomes the loss of one so dear, to deliver what eludes us all. The healing grace and power beyond our own desperation. Part message, part magic, part miracle, the sparkling message reaches a remote island and the lives of 12 women who wear the blue light upon their eyes. Together they dance the Magic Dance, and we discover more than a book of blue. Indigo is the color of the human soul, and these 13 float the hidden mysteries of Atlantis into our modern-day hearts. This blue book is the book of our lives, for each of us who knows the true bottle is the human heart itself, and a message in a moment of tireless searching can never be ignored.

Posted on, November 17, 2012 (by Gemma)

“An excellent book which I thoroughly enjoyed. I read it in one sitting; having reached the end of page 2, I was totally hooked so I had no choice but to finish. One of, if not the, best books I’ve ever read.”

Posted on, October 23, 2012 (by Paddy)

“Brilliant… Would like to see 6 or 7 thousand sequels though, or similar works from this innovative, extremely eloquent wordsmith.”


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