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10 Things You Might Not Know About Colette Harrell



Colette HarrellColette (Ford) Harrell the author of the debut novel The Devil Made Me Do It is passionate about the written word. Holding a master’s degree, she is a director of human services. Her creation and implementation of a health and energy medical program stands as a best practices model. Her philosophy of service is compassionate care through a spirit of excellence. A motivational speaker, she specializes in customer and human service workshops on state and national levels. She is cofounder of COJACK Productions, a Christian entertainment company. As an active member of her church, KingdomChristianCenter, she serves in several ministries.

Colette is a wife, mother, author, poet, songwriter, and playwright. Her novel is a delectable read, where romance, suspense, humor, and the supernatural all come together to entertain, educate, and inspire.

A Detroit native, she currently resides in Ohio, writing with humor and compassion to engage and minister to the human heart. Her motto is: whatever you do, do it “for love alone.”

Her latest book is the inspirational fiction, The Devil Made Me Do It.

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10 Things You Might Not Know About Colette Harrell

1.) I actually prefer staying in the background. It takes courage for me to put myself out there . . . like marketing this book! (Be a lion . . . can you hear me singing The Wiz song? No? Well, good, because, I’m pretty awful at it.)

2.) I’m sentimental. I have a file cabinet full of cards, letters, and trinkets given to me over the years. I still have my prom pictures from . . .years ago. (No, I’m not telling how long ago; but think several decades!)

3.) I love old black-and-white movies. I can sit for hours on a rainy day and watch AMC movies over and over again. Who wouldn’t want to have Betty Davis eyes?

4.) Okay, guilty pleasure. Popcorn, pecan clusters, and a soda are my “I’m having a bad day” remedy.

5.) I can spend so much money buying books in one month that if I reveal the amount on this list, my husband would confiscate my Kindle, Nook, and Tablet. (I better hide this list from him.)

6.) Most people can’t tell how old I am. Therefore, I rack up at amusement park guessing games on really small useless trinkets.

7.) I love my husband, children, family, and friends. But, I’m really good when I’m alone too. (I crack myself up.)

8.) I once tried out for the Motown Review. (Yes, earlier I said I couldn’t sing, and no, I still can’t—you had to be there.)

9.) I use to never cry. Now I cry so easily, and I can be supersensitive. Then on the other hand, as I get older I am more up front and forthright about my opinions. (The contradictions drive even me crazy.)

10.) When people choose evil over good, I get emotionally down. Every day I talk myself into choosing what’s right, even when I’d rather do easy. (Yes, I admit it. And, sometimes it’s HARD!)

About the Book:

The Devil Made Me Do It 7The voluptuous Esther Wiley has always known that she is special. She’s a tiara-wearing, wand-carrying kind of Cinderella princess in disguise. The problem that her very own Fairy Godmother, the Prophetess Mother Reed, struggles with is getting her to live like it.

Briggs Stokes is the reluctant heir to his father’s worldwide, multimillion-dollar televangelist ministry, yet he yearns to be his own man. His past mistakes have caused him a private life of hurt and loneliness.

Esther and Briggs meet and develop a deep soul connection, until tragedy strikes and the two are thrust apart. Their separation leads each down a different path scattered with emotional minefields. While each step they take brings them closer to who they were always meant to be, the devil is on assignment. He sends in reinforcements to usher in confusion and create chaos, and soon no one is safe. The members of Love Zion church reel from the rumors, innuendo, and downright sabotage that is going on around them.

When others devise evil schemes to seek the destruction of Esther and Briggs through jealousy, greed, and murder, only divine intervention can save them. As an all-out battle for dominion breaks out in the heavens, will Esther and Briggs become a casualty of war?

For More Information

  • The Devil Made Me Do It is available at Amazon.
  • Pick up your copy at Barnes & Noble.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.
  • Read Chapter One here.


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