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The Story Behind ‘Cooler Than Blood’ by Robert Lane




The Story Behind the Book

Cover ArtI don’t know about the story behind my book, but let me tell you the story behind the boat—for the boat created the story.

Like the boat in my book, Cooler Than Blood, this boat is a used wooden cruiser from the mid-1960’s. A family boat—whatever that means. The first boat, not the last boat. The boat that was around when the memories became seared. The boat we had when I summoned my courage to hold a girls hand, to kiss her lips. The boat I heard her laugh on, saw her smile—jumpin-Jesus, no way of knowing then how long that memory would linger. I drove the boat. Docked it. Cleaned it. Pumped the water out of it. The boat I tied lines to and, along with a friend, swam as we towed it a mile back to the dock when it sputtered out of gas. The boat six people…

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