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Interview with Vince Aiello, author of Legion’s Lawyers



Vince AielloVince Aiello grew up in upstate New York before moving to Southern California where he attended California Western School of Law. He is admitted to practice law in both New York and California.  LEGION’S LAWYERS is his third novel.  His earlier novels, LEGAL DETRIMENT and THE LITIGATION GUY, were both acclaimed bestsellers.

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About the Book:

Legions Lawyers 3Title: Legion’s Lawyers
Author: Vince Aiello
Publisher: SarEth Publishing
Pages: 296
Genre: Thriller
Format: Hardcover/Paperback/Kindle

LEGION’S LAWYERS, the latest thriller by Vince Aiello about the Legion law firm, dissects, in Aiello’s signature punchy style, the driving ambition within the firm and its deadly consequences. The firm’s head, Roger Legion, has appeared in Aiello’s previous books about the firm, LEGAL DETRIMENT and THE LITIGATION GUY. Readers have developed mixed reactions to Legion, who is both a brutal taskmaster and a great litigator. Love him or hate him, all look forward to his appearance in the story. Legion believes the courtroom is like a gladiatorial arena, where he will do whatever it takes to win.

Previous Legion books have dealt with a heist by lawyers and a terrorist attack on the Coronado Bay Bridge, in San Diego. In LEGION’S LAWYERS, Roger Legion finds himself the target of a drug cartel and more than one team of assassins.

Aiello writes books that are “screenplay-ready,” with tight scenes, strong dialogue, and a three-act structure. “I am drawn to authors who have also written for the screen,” Aiello says, citing such writers as Rod Serling, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and William Peter Blatty.

Aiello also writes a song for each of his books, which is featured in the story. The complete lyrics appear at the end of the books.  For a scene in LEGION’S LAWYERS, Aiello composed a song titled “All I Know.” A music video is pending, but the song can be heard on YouTube at

The author’s combination of hard-boiled legal action accompanied by its own, built-in soundtrack makes for an irresistible reading, listening – and potentially viewing – experience.

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Please tell us a bit about your book and what you hope readers take away from reading it?

Legion’s Lawyers tells the story of the fictional, San Diego insurance defense law firm of Legion & Associates. The head of the law firm, Roger Legion, rules the law firm with an iron fist and he views the courtroom as an arena to slay an adversary. His methods are ingrained into his lawyers. A Mexican drug cartel tries to persuade him to provide them with assistance and when he refuses, it incites retaliation. The cartel is aided in their efforts by at least one of the lawyers in the firm.

Who are your favorite characters in the story? 

Roger Legion is the ultimate anti-hero. He is a military leader and a father figure. He will do whatever it takes to win, regardless if it is honest. In anger, he will throw a punch. He is fearless.

Do you have a favorite line or excerpt from your book?

“I realized that a law firm is like a principality. And I’m the guy who leads the army. I have to be cruel, because that’s the only way I can command my lawyers’ absolute respect.”

If your current release were to be turned into a movie, who would you love to see play what characters and why?

Roger Legion is extremely complex, but I am asked this question often. I believe Russell Crowe could play Roger Legion. For Rolf Adler, a sophisticated assassin, I believe that Chris Evans would be good. I would like Anna Kendrick to play Lisa Nastasi.

What are your favorite aspects of writing?

I love the idea of creating a world that you can control. The challenge to me is making the storylines intersect in a cogent way to make the story exciting and interesting.

You’re least favorite aspects of writing?

Doing the publicity for the book. The competition is fierce. It becomes easier as you build a fan base.

Who are some of your favorite authors/books?

I read authors who have also written for the screen, like Rod Serling, F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Peter Blatty, and Gillian Flynn.

What are you reading right now?

No time to read right now. I just completed my forth book and I am in the editing process. I am also beginning the outline for my 5th book.

If you could have a dinner party and invite five authors – dead or alive – who would they be and what would you serve them?

Ernest Hemingway, Rod Serling, H.G. Wells, Mario Puzo, and Herman Miller. I would serve meat and pasta, served al dente.

What is a book that you wish you could say that you had written and why?

Fifty Shades of Grey for its sales (not content). With sales of that magnitude, your life as an author is changed forever. Plus, the clout in Hollywood is enormous.

What is the greatest piece of advice (for writing and/or just living) that you have heard?

Do what you like and the money will follow.

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