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Character Interview: Tommy Cucitti from Arnaldo Lopez Jr.’s thriller ‘Chickenhawk’




arnaldo 3We’re thrilled to have here today Tommy Cucitti from Arnaldo Lopez Jr.’s new thriller, Chickenhawk.  Tommy Cucitti is a 34 year old homicide detective living in Long Beach, NY.

It is a pleasure to have him with us today at Beyond the Books!

Thank you so for this interview, Tommy Cucitti.  Now that the book has been written, do you feel you were fairly portrayed or would you like to set anything straight with your readers? Well, in the book I notice that I’m portrayed as being a little immature and impulsive. It’s just that I like keeping it real, you know what I’m saying? Some people can’t handle that. So I guess that I wasn’t really portrayed fairly but I’m alright with that, I’m still good son.

Do you feel the author did a good job colorizing your personality?  If not, how would you like to have been portrayed differently? Colorizing? What the hell is that? If you’re talking about like, my personality and stuff, then yeah it was okay. Only thing is like I said yo, he made me look a little immature. I’m a grown-assed man! Yeah, he should have taken that into consideration when he was “colorizing” my personality, you know, make me a little more serious about things. He got my love for Hip-Hop down right though!

What do you believe is your strongest trait? I’m a damn good cop.

Worse trait? Uh, I do have a temper.

If you could choose someone in the television or movie industry to play your part if your book was made into a movie, who would that be (and you can’t say yourself!)? Yo, Channing Tatum of course!

Do you have a love interest in the book? Yeah, my girl Daphne. She’s hot!

At what point of the book did you start getting nervous about the way it was going to turn out? At the part where me and my partner Eddie get transferred to the D.A.’s office.

If you could trade places with one of the other characters in the book, which character would you really not want to be and why? I would definitely not want to be that fat, greasy, nasty S.O.B. Bob Avni, for all of the reasons that I just now mentioned.

How do you feel about the ending of the book without giving too much away? The ending is real son! This go down in true New York fashion with plenty of gunplay and fists being thrown! I just feel kinda bad because of how me and Eddie end up but it’s all good.

What words of wisdom would you give your author if s/he decided to write another book with you in it? Make me the main character next time and give me more love scenes with my girl!

Thank you for this interview, Tommy Cucitti.  Will we be seeing more of you in the future? Oh absolutely! From what I understand the author is busy working on the next novel with me in it!



Arnaldo Lopez Jr. has been employed by New York City Transit  for twenty-eight years and was formerly employed as a dispatcher with the NYPD.  Mr. Lopez is also a speaker and trainer, speaking on subjects as diverse as terrorism and customer service.  He created the civilian counter-terrorism training program currently in use by New York City Transit and many other major public transportation agencies around the country.

As well as writing, Mr. Lopez is an artist and photographer, having sold several of his works over the years.  As a writer he’s sold articles to Railway Age magazine, The Daily News magazine, Homeland Defense Journal, and Reptile & Amphibian magazine; scripts to Little Archie and Personality Comics; and short stories to Neo-Opsis magazine, Lost Souls e-zine, Nth Online magazine, Blood Moon magazine, and various other Sci-Fi and/or horror newsletters and fanzines.  He was also editor of Offworld, a small science fiction magazine that was once chosen as a “Best Bet” by Sci-Fi television.  Chickenhawk is his first novel.

Connect with Arnaldo Lopez Jr. on Facebook and Twitter.


Title: Chickenhawk

Genre: Thriller

Author: Arnaldo Lopez Jr.

Publisher: Koehler Books/Café Con Leche books

Purchase on Amazon

About the Book:

Chickenhawk is an urban crime fiction novel that showcases New York City’s diversity, as well as the dark side of race relations, politics, sexuality, illness, madness, and infidelity. Eddie Ramos and Tommy Cucitti are Manhattan North Homicide detectives after a serial killer that manages to stay below their radar while the body count keeps climbing in a city that’s turning into a powder keg.

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