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The First Page: The Rockstar Remedy by Dr. Gabrielle Francis w/ Stacy Baker Masard




lskekThe First Page is one of Beyond the Book’s newest features. Here we get a glimpse into an author’s work and what better place to begin than the first page? Authors share their first pages and answer a few questions about why they started their books off the way they did. Today we welcome Dr. Gabrielle Francis, author of The Rockstar Remedy.

First Page:



I am not your average physician. I do not have a traditional medical office or wear a crisp white lab coat or write prescriptions on an Rx pad. My remedies come from Mother Nature, not pharmaceuticals. And for the past thirty years, I have been practicing natural medicine, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage

while traveling from city to city around the country and around the globe. My clients have some of the most demanding jobs in the world: They’re rock stars.

I work backstage, in hotel rooms, at music festivals, and on planes and buses. I am a rock & roll doctor. That means that the plan I’ve created for you in this book has been road-tested on some of the most extreme lifestyles in the world.

While there’s a lot of fantasy surrounding the way my clients live, the truth is that myths are much sexier than the facts. The best-kept secret of the music industry is probably the one that will shock you the most—the majority of the musicians I know are as full-on committed to their health as they are to partying, like, well, rock stars.

Most of the time, that is. As is the case with your life, there are always outside influences in musicians’ lives that set them back a bit, making it impossible to be perfect in their goals for healthy living. After all, rock stars lead highly stressful lives, especially when they are on tour. The glamour you see onstage is far from their experience on the road. Their hard-core schedules require long days that end at 4 a.m. and the days, which can include an 8 a.m. lobby call, are filled with travel between cities, little sleep or exercise, back-to-back media interviews, and preparation for the next show. Now, imagine keeping that intense pace over twenty-four months. A touring rock star’s daily life is extremely stressful on the body and mind. They must have the stamina and endurance of a professional athlete to keep up with the grueling pace. Maintaining their health is the only way to achieve that. Even if all they can manage on the road is stress management and minimizing the harm they are doing to their bodies, when it comes to health, even a little effort is better than nothing! Eventually, when the tour ends and the pendulum swings back from the extreme to the “normal” range, they are able to focus on repairing and rebuilding their bodies.


Welcome Dr. Gabrielle Francis. Can you tell us what your book is about?

When we think of rock stars, we think of excess: Sex, Drugs, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. But the truth is, those myths are sexier than the facts. The majority of musicians are full on committed to their health—even when they party and tour. They have to be, because without attention to their health and wellbeing they could never keep up with the grueling demands of touring and performing. As a holistic doctor to the music industry, I have helped some of the biggest names in rock look and feel great, despite an exhausting lifestyle that both demands discipline and welcomes indulgence.

We all make poor lifestyle choices, and whether you’re a business executive who spends hours away from home or an always-on-call stay-at-home parent, life can be filled with the same stresses and diet and health obstacles that plague rock stars. The Rockstar Remedy has my signature “harm reduction strategies” that help to make some of your vices a little healthier. The focus is on maximizing health using the healing power of natural remedies without taking the fun out of life,

THE ROCKSTAR REMEDY provides the tools to:

  • Detox: Start with a clean mind and body and create a clean slate.
  • Nourish: Best and worst nutrition options for operating at your peak and in down time, too.
  • Physical Fitness: Exercise for beauty, performance and longevity.
  • Sleep & Repair: Natural ways to recharge and manage stress amid a hectic schedule.
  • Celebration: “Party like you’re in it for the long haul.”

THE ROCKSTAR REMEDY includes exclusive interviews by artists such as Steven Tyler, Courtney Love, Dave Navarro, Eve, Sharon Jones, Michael Franti, Tommy Lee, and members of The Roots, REM, Pearl Jam, The Beastie Boys, Def Leppard, Wilco, Megadeth and many more. It also has some of my backstage stories woven throughout the text.

The Rockstar Remedy is a health book for people that love to celebrate and indulge. It is the most entertaining health book that you will ever read!

The first page is perhaps one of the most important pages in the whole book. It’s what draws the reader into the story. Why did you choose to begin your book this way?

I wanted to entice the readers by engaging them into the mysterious life of a “healthy” Rockstar. Rockstars are icons that take on archetypal significance for many people. I wanted to show the reader that their life is not so different than the lives of their favorite icons.

In the course of writing your book, how many times would you say that first page changed and for what reasons?

It was always very clear how the first page was going to go. We have not changed it much since the original draft.

Was there ever a time after the book was published that you wished you had changed something on the first page?

No. I think it works great.

What advice can you give to aspiring authors to stress how important the first page is?

The first page must reach your audience by evoking some type of emotion that ignites the desire to read the whole book. It must inspire the reader to stay tuned.   This is much harder than you think in today’s society of overstimulation and short attention spans. So this is really a challenge!

About the Authors

Gabrielle FrancisDr. Gabrielle Francis has been practicing natural medicine for more than thirty years.

She is a Naturopathic Doctor, Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, and Licensed Massage therapist. Dr. Francis currently practices in New York City as The Herban Alchemist. She also operates Backstage Alternative, which is her natural medicine road show that provides chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, nutrition and herbal remedies to performing artists on tour.

Dr. Francis received her formal medical training at National College of Chiropractic and at Bastyr University. She has extensive training in Alternative Cancer Therapies, Environmental Medicine, Functional Medicine, Mind-Body medicine, and Bio-Identical Hormone therapies. Following her formal medical education, Dr. Francis travelled extensively to various parts of the world studying medicine with indigenous healers in countries such as China, India, Thailand, Bali, Brazil, Morocco, Peru, Guatemala, Ecuador, Belize, Mexico, Egypt, and Mali.

Stacy Baker Masand is a health, fitness and lifestyle editor whose work has appeared in magazines such as In StyleMarie ClaireSelfShapeFitnessDuJour and Women’s Health. She’s co-author of New York Times bestseller Your Best Body Now. Stacy is currently developing projects for both small and big screen.

Their latest book is the health/wellness/rocknroll book, The Rocstar Remedy.

For More Information

About the Book:

The Rockstar Remedy 2Title: The Rockstar Remedy
Author: Dr. Gabrielle Francis with Stacy Baker Masand
Publisher: HarperCollins Wave
Pages: 330
Genre: Health and Wellness/Rock n Roll
Format: Paperback/Kindle/Nook

Known as the “Rock n’ Roll Doctor” to some of the most famous bands in the world, Dr. Gabrielle Francis shares her unique holistic prescription to achieving health and balance—even when you don’t live like a saint!

As a Holistic Doctor to the music industry’s elite, Dr. Francis has helped rock stars repair, recover, and refuel from the demanding schedules and occasional overindulgences that come along with the rock star lifestyle. Being overscheduled, sleep-deprived, overeating, drinking and managing physical and mental stressors aren’t lifestyle habits unique to the music industry; they are the same challenges faced by all of us, every day.

In The Rockstar Remedy, Dr. Francis shares her unique strategies designed to be incorporated into your hectic lifestyle. Her programs are customized to meet you where you are at, whether an experienced health enthusiast or a beginner. Completing the 21 day detox will give you a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm for life, while looking and feeling your personal best. She explains how health is not a destination, but exists on a spectrum, and the simple act of making better choices every day—even if they’re not the best choices—helps us achieve balance in both mind and body. With tips for improving energy levels, easy food guidelines and a simple no-starvation detox, Dr. Francis offers a simple, effective plan for staying healthy and happy amid the chaos of our daily lives. Her popular “Harm Reduction Techniques” and “90/10 Rule” make it easy to celebrate life with occasional indulgences while maintaining good health. This is not a temporary fix; this program brings long-lasting, life-changing results.

Now you can reach for the stars too!

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