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Character Interview: Amy Reid from Julie Ann James Suspense Thriller Irish Jewel



We’re thrilled to have here today Amy Reid from Julie Ann James new Suspense Thriller, Irish Jewel.   Amy Reid is a 29 year old advertising executive living in Sarasota, Florida.

It is a pleasure to have her with us today at Beyond the Books!

Thank you so for this interview, Amy Reid.   Now that the book has been written, do you feel you were fairly portrayed or would you like to set anything straight with your readers?

I feel I was fairly portrayed.  Yes, by all means.  I think the author penned me in between the pages with style and grace.

Do you feel the author did a good job colorizing your personality?  If not, how would you like to have been portrayed differently? 

I actually love the style she gave me.  She gave me confidence as a young professional and made me an entrepreneur, which I love. I am aware the author is an accomplished businesswoman as well.  She made me incredibly inquisitive, with the ability to put on my own detective hat in order to do my own digging.

What do you believe is your strongest trait?

My tenacity to go after what I want, and to have the guts to not take no for an answer.

Worse trait?  None…

If you could choose someone in the television or movie industry to play your part if your book was made into a movie, who would that be?

I have thought long and hard about this and I would have to say Rachael McAdams.  She is strong, beautiful and resourceful.

Do you have a love interest in the book?

Yes, Michael Cambridge. He is my finance’ and we are planning to be married in Dublin, Ireland.

At what point of the book did you start getting nervous about the way it was going to turn out?

I suppose it was when my life was in danger and I was abducted by the evil villain.  However, I would not want to give away any clues as to what happens to me. That would be a spoiler alert for sure.

If you could trade places with one of the other characters in the book, which character would you really not want to be and why? 

I wouldn’t want to be Michael Cambridge, my fiancé in the book. He had to face a lot of skeletons and secrets he was not willing to accept.

How do you feel about the ending of the book without giving too much away?

It will knock the reader’s socks off. It was perfectly written in my character opinion.

What words of wisdom would you give your author if she decided to write another book with you in it?

Don’t get married in Ireland …

Thank you for this interview, Amy Reid.  Will we be seeing more of you in the future?

It is my hope the writer will decide to bring me back, however I know she is working on another suspense thriller, The Ribbon Key.  She has not penned me in.


Genre: Suspense

Author:  Julie Ann James


Find out more on Amazon

About the Book:

When Irish Jewel opens, bride-to-be Amy Reid is living out a fairy tale.  She’s engaged to be married to the love of her life, Michael Cambridge, an Irishman. Michael, a member of one of Dublin’s most  prominent families and heir to the Cambridge precious gem business, is everything a girl could dream of—and more.   He’s handsome, loving, charming, smart, successful, and, as icing on the wedding cake, Amy and Michael will be married in an elaborate ceremony in Dublin. This lavish, spare-no-expense event will be an exquisite dream-come-true-affair—a beautiful beginning to their lives together.

But this dream-come-true quickly turns into a nightmare:  what begins as a vague threat quick escalates into something much more sinister. On the eve of what should be the happiest day of her life, Amy is quickly swept up in an insidious web of danger, kidnapping, and murder.

When long buried truths emerge and dark secrets come to light, this fairy tale will be irretrievably fractured.  Nothing is as it seems—and the only way to win this deadly game is to get out alive. But the odds are stacked against Michael and Amy.  Will they even live to see “till death us do part”? Expect the unexpected in this twisted tale…

About the Author

Julie Ann James is an avid speaker and author who penned her first book at the age of 10. In 2003, Julie Ann founded Pepper Tree Magazine, a literary magazine based in Sarasota, Florida, and later founded The Peppertree Press.  A longtime Sarasota resident, Julie Ann is also the author of The Pepper Tree Story: How the Seeds were Planted, Finnigan the Dragon, It’s Rhyming Peas and Carrots, The Tooth be Told, The Cows in the Garden and and Haunted Echoes.

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