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Character Interview: Enid Carmichael from Susan McCormick’s new cozy murder mystery, The Fog Ladies



We are thrilled to have here today Enid Carmichael from Susan McCormick’s new cozy murder mystery The Fog Ladies. Mrs. Carmichael is an 80-year-old busy body with good hearing living in an elegant apartment building in San Francisco where old ladies start to die.

It’s a pleasure to have Mrs. Carmichael with us today at Beyond the Books!

Thank you so much for this interview, Mrs. Carmichael. Now that the book has been written do you feel you were fairly portrayed or would you like to set anything straight with your readers?

Hmph. Well. I was certainly well portrayed in the chapters I wrote myself, the chapters in my own words. But I was sorely disappointed to read what some of my so-called friends had to say. I’m more than a little miffed, for instance, to learn that Harriet Flynn thinks I’m a lush. I’m not a lush. I have sherry with my tea. But that’s common place. She just has an attitude about alcohol. That’s what her problem is.

Do you feel the author did a good job colorizing your personality? If not, how would you have liked to have been portrayed differently?

There is far too much emphasis on my apartment’s perch over the street. My window does let me see what goes on, but that’s not a bad thing. Someone has to watch the comings and goings of the building, especially with what’s been happening. We don’t want to all end up dead.

What do you believe is your strongest trait?

Well, I believe it is accurately mentioned in the book that I have good hearing. My hearing is sharp, much sharper than people give me credit for, because I am eighty. There are benefits to getting old. I overhear a lot of things people don’t intend.

Worse trait?

Hmph. You probably want me to say that knowing everyone’s business is my worst trait. Well maybe it is. But who’s alive and who’s dead? Hmm? Hmm?

If you could choose someone in the television or movie industry to play your part if your book was made into a movie, who would that be?

Julia Child. But I outlived her didn’t I? Darn. We look alike. We are both tall and my hair used to be brown. Before it was red. Plus, I love her spark. And I believe she liked sherry, or at least she had it on hand for cooking.

Do you have a love interest in the book?

Me. No. I’m eighty. But I suppose that didn’t stop Alma Gordon. Who saw that coming? Not me. See, I don’t know everything. I’m not a snoop.

At what point of the book did you start getting nervous about the way it was going to turn out?

You mean the part where I was on life support?

If you could trade places with one of the other characters in the book, which character would you really not want to be and why?

Well, that’s easy. Muriel Bridge. She’s dead. Head cracked open. Fell off a stool cleaning bugs out of her kitchen light. But I don’t believe that for an instant. She was pushed.

How do you feel about the end of the book without giving too much away?

I am very pleased that I am here to give you this interview. But, so as not to give too much away, I will add that I might be speaking to you from beyond the grave. I believe in ghosts, you know.

What words of wisdom would you give your author if she decided to write another book with you in it?

Left less emphasis on my height. What’s all this “big woman” stuff?

Thank you for this interview, Enid Carmichael. Will we be seeing more of you in the future?

Hmph. Of course, I’m a Fog Lady, aren’t I?



The Fog Ladies is a cozy murder mystery set in an elegant apartment building in San Francisco where old ladies start to die. Mrs. Bridge falls off a stool cleaning bugs out of her kitchen light. Mrs. Talwin slips on bubbles in the bath and drowns. The Pacific Heights building is turning over tenants faster than the fog rolls in a cool San Francisco evening.

Young, overworked, overtired, overstressed medical intern Sarah James has no time for sleuthing. Her elderly neighbors, the Fog Ladies, have nothing but time. Sarah assumes the deaths are the natural consequence of growing old. The Fog Ladies assume murder.

Sarah resists the Fog Ladies’ perseverations. But when one of them falls down the stairs and tells Sarah she was pushed, even Sarah believes evil lurks in their building. Can they find the killer before they fall victim themselves?

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About the Author

Susan McCormick writes cozy murder mysteries. She is also the author of Granny Can’t Remember Me, a lighthearted picture book about Alzheimer’s disease. She is a doctor who lives in Seattle. She graduated from Smith College and George Washington University School of Medicine, with additional medical training in Washington, DC and San Francisco, where she lived in an elegant apartment building much like the one in the book. She served nine years in the military before settling in the Pacific Northwest. She is married and has two boys, plus a giant Newfoundland dog.


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