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Interview with Rev. Dr. Leonidas A. Johnson, Author of ‘Phenomenal Vision Eyesight to Life Sight’



Rev. Dr. Johnson attended Evanston Township High School. From there he went on to study at Illinois Wesleyan University.  His professional education for his Doctor of Optometry degree was completed at the Southern California College of Optometry, now known as Marshall B. Ketchum University.  Rev. Dr. Johnson received his Master’s degree at Talbot School of Theology, Biola University. “I plan on leading a crusade against blindness due to age related cataracts. I’m able to do all these things because I serve a great God who does great things and He has allowed me to do great things,” commented Rev. Dr. Johnson. He has set up a foundation known as the Rev. Dr. Leonidas The Optometrist and The Miracle Eyes Foundation. See this web site for more information Due to his work demands – Dr. Johnson lives in both Chicago and Los Angeles.

In Rev. Dr. Johnson’s book, Phenomenal Vision Eyesight to Life Sight, readers will experience a concept called learning by comparison. Comparing physical vision with spiritual vision will help the readers see themselves and the world God created in a whole new light. Readers will see the world God created from a physical, mental, and spiritual vantage point that will enrich their lives, Rev. Dr. Johnson says. These vantage points help build a foundation for developing a decision-making strategy that is both liberating and biblically sound.

Beyond the Books: Nice to meet you Rev. Dr. Johnson. I’d like to begin by asking you how you found the time to write your book, Phenomenal Vision: Eyesight to Life Sight with your busy schedule?

Rev. Dr. Leonidas A. Johnson:  As with many things in life, you make time for the things you feel are most important and passionate about. Unfortunately following your dreams and passions can often conflict with what’s practical and required for survival. It can be a difficult balancing act at times but that’s one of the things in life that makes life’s journey interesting and exciting.

BTB: I’m really interested in finding out how vision plays an integral part of your book. How can we connect physical vision with spiritual vision?

Johnson: Vision is a physical, mental and spiritual phenomena of enlightenment. The physical eye is the part of the human body responsible for physical vision. The way we see physically can be studied, demonstrated, and illustrated. This mental understanding of how we see physically can be used as a template to illustrate how we see spiritually. This type of learning is called learning by comparison.

In the Bible physical light is contrasted with physical darkness and that understanding is used to draw a comparison between spiritual light and spiritual darkness. In the Old Testament when God talks about the Messiah, He talks about the Messiah coming to bring light. In the New Testament the theme of Jesus as the light can clearly be seen. Also, in scripture physical blindness is compared to spiritual blindness. In the Bible physical blindness is used as metaphor to represent the human condition of corruption and fallenness and the inability to comprehend Divine truth and spiritual realities. 

BTB: Do you remember your calling as a minister?

Johnson: When I accepted God’s call, I was already a licensed optometrist and I was serving as an ordained deacon in a Baptist Church. Also, at that time I was attending night school at a seminary as a part-time student. I realized my calling during a project to publish some of my father’s sermons.

BTB: I know your book is full of wisdom. Can you give us an excerpt from your book?

Johnson: “How do we keep looking and moving forward in life? Focus on the positives. I tell you as my father taught me, “Accentuate the positives, de-emphasize the negatives.”  P. 46

BTB: Where can people buy your book?

Johnson:  My book webpage is still being built because the ebook conversions are still not finalized. Currently waiting for iTunes. You can search the full title and find the book on Amazon, Barnes& Noble, iTunes, AALBC, etc. and buy from your preferred source.

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