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Character Guest Post: Tyler Thompson of Laurence St. John’s ‘Metatron: The Mystical Blade’

44Today we have a great guest! I’m happy to welcome Tyler Thompson of Laurence St. John’s new YA fantasy, Metatron: The Mystical Blade.

I wake up early in the morning tired sometimes wondering if being a superhero is all worth it. Then without notice my best friend Maxx, a black and white and gray Akita, comes running then leaps onto my bed. I get this huge grin on my face as he begins licking my face. While petting him I glance over at my dresser and see the picture of my dad. I still get teary eyed once in a while because I miss him so much. My adrenaline starts flowing throughout my body aMetatron 2s it all comes flooding back to me why I do what I do – to stop bad people from doing bad things.

When I first figured out I had cool powers like super strength and super speed I looked up to heaven and promised my dad I’d use my powers for good. To stop evil people like Dr. Mason Payne who killed my dad in cold blood.

Oh, I’m sorry. I should have introduced myself. I’m Tyler Thompson and I’m thirteen years old. I have and awesome girlfriend, Kendall. She is the most beautiful girl in the word. Please don’t tell my mom. I’m a third degree black belt student and instructor in the martial arts discipline, Tae Kwon Do. Oh yea, I also like Taco Bell. I like all types of music however rock and roll is my favorite.

It’s kind of funny; when I was younger I always liked watching Star Wars movies, reading Marvel comic books and pretending to be a superhero. Now I’m living every young boys dream – being a real superhero. Well, I’m not actually a total superhero yet, but I’m working on it.

I have to be truthful. I wasn’t always a good kid. I use to get in trouble just like any normal boy mainly because I was mad about my dad being killed – right in front of my eyes. I would lash out and do dumb things. However, since being bequeathed with awesome abilities my karate instructor Master Tanaka opened my eyes making me realize I had to rise above and do what’s right – do the best I can, be a good person and keep my promise to my dad. I will help innocent people.

Oh, I hate to cut this short but I have to go. I just got a text alert that… Sorry, I can’t tell you what’s going on but you can read about in a book that some guy named Laurence St. John wrote.

About the Author:

Lawrence St. JohnLaurence A. St. John was born on January 11, 1965 in Toledo Ohio. Laurence has one older brother and two younger sisters. Laurence along with his parents, brother and sisters moved once while growing up to Genoa Ohio, just south of Toledo. While attending Genoa Area schools, he was active in track, football and baseball. Later, after he graduated from Genoa High School (Comets) in 1983, he worked for a few manufacturing companies.

At the age of 23 and after three years of dedication, hard work and sweat, in 1988, Laurence received his first-degree black belt (Shodan) in Tae Kwon Do. This gave him the self-confidence and perseverance needed to surmount anything that came his way.

When Laurence was 25 years old he fell in love then married the love of his life, Julie in 1990. He then adopted her two young wonderful children Joe and Jan shortly after.

Out of high school for nearly fifteen years and after persuaded by his former manager, Laurence attended Owens State Community College where he obtained an Associates Degree in Microcomputer Business Systems while working full-time. In addition to computer classes, he enjoyed composition classes where he could free his mind and write what he wanted.

While working in the steel processing business for almost fifteen years, Laurence’s place of employment changed hands, for the third time in 2006; fighting for his job, again. In the same year his first granddaughter, Kendall, “Papa’s Angel” was born. He described this as one of the most uplifting moments of his life. In addition, it was during this time when his emotions were running wild; he became inspired as well as determined to write his penned-up thoughts on paper.

Nearly four years later, he had completed his first middle grade fantasy novel, Metatron: The Angel Has Risen. His latest book is Metatron: The Mystical Blade.

Laurence currently lives in Northwood Ohio with his wife of 24 years, Julie. His son Joe is married to Cari and they have three daughters, Kendall, Sadie and Harper. His daughter Jan is married to Andrew and they have a son Eli and a daughter Evelyn. Laurence currently holds the position of Administrations Manager at Precision Strip, Inc. in Perrysburg Ohio, where he works full time. He continually writes in his spare time; weekends and after work, and is endlessly inspired by his five grandkids Kendall, Elijah, Sadie, Evelyn and Harper.

For More Information

About the Book:

Thirteen-year-old Tyler Thompson is on the verge of becoming a superhero, but he must prove himself so he can earn the remainder of his superpowers and fulfill his destiny.

When his grandfather, Benjamin, is held prisoner at AREA 51, where the eternal powers are presumed to be hidden, Tyler attempts to penetrate the base’s heavy security. However, Dr. Mason Payne, the evil scientist who killed Tyler’s father, has insidious plans of his own.

Hunted by an unknown entity, Tyler races against the clock to retrieve the superpowers, rescue his family and help the others who are depending on him. And when all hope seems lost, help comes in a power he didn’t know he possessed—a mysterious weapon known as The Mystical Blade.

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  • Metatron: The Mystical Blade is available at Amazon.
  • Discuss this book at PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads.
  • Watch the book trailer at YouTube.

Gem City Gypsy: Character Guest Post by Neci Stans

Gem City GypsyWe’re excited to have Kristin Kuhns Alexandre at Beyond the Books! Today, one of her characters, Neci Stans, from GEM CITY GYPSY, has a problem she faces and she’s here to talk about it.


Guest Post by Neci Stans

It’s 1917 and the world is changing before my eyes. We gypsies used to be important to everyone in Dayton because we trained their horses. Now everybody wants a motorcar. Then there’s the war. America has been sucked into the war.

I’m 19 but I feel older. So much has happened in the last two years.  My experiences have made me feel old. Like all those voices crying out as the ship went down. That’s the moment Lord Pool leaned over and pulled me out of that freezing ocean. He pulled Ezra’s dog Theda out too. Theda and I were so grateful to be alive.

I was on deck when the German torpedo struck our ship, The Lusitania. It was frightening. The first blast tore through the bottom of the ship and you could feel the deck heave. By then, everyone knew we were in trouble. My hosts, Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard told me to jump into the water and swim for my life. They were so calm as they explained that they were going to go down with the ship. They wanted to make sure they died together. But before they walked into the cabin holding hands they made sure my dog and I jumped over safely.

For the first time ever I felt completely, frighteningly alone, far away from my wonderful mom and my clan of gypsy horse trainers from Dayton, Ohio. We are respected in our hometown and consider ourselves royal. When my grandma Miltilda died, thousands of gypsies from all over America came to her gravesite and stood in the rain for hours. Some even jumped in her grave.

But those are the old days. We are still gypsies and not considered good enough for upper class people in Oakwood. They think of us a a novelty and watch us leave with our caravans for Tennessee. But their sons and daughters stay far away.

That’s the reality of it. That’s why I want to be someone else by the name of Neci Star.


About the Book:

When you read “Gem City Gypsy” you must conceptualize a whole world.



The Wright Brothers.

The KKK.

Industrialization leading to WWI.

So many vivid elements. The story is about a gypsy girl who must leap over bodies to survive the sinking Lusitania and escape murderous Germans who kill her mentor in Ireland. She later returns to her hometown, recreated as a wealthy woman trying to meld into the upper class.  Neci Star captures our imagination and heart as she claws her way out of one class and into the abyss of another.

Purchase your copy at AMAZON.


About the Author:

Kristin Kuhns Alexandre 2Kristin Alexandre was raised in Dayton, Ohio where she worked as a feature columnist for The Dayton Journal Herald and the Kettering Oakwood Times. She has written two previous books: Nuncio and the Gypsy Girl in the Gilded Age a graphic novel that was featured at the 2011 NY City Comic Con; and Find a Great Guy: Now and Forever.

Alexandre was a co-founder of Earth Day 1970 and worked on staff with House Beautiful Magazine and as a contributor to Town & Country Magazine, The Christian Science Monitor and The Daily News. Her celebrity luncheon series for the Chairman of Ammirati & Puris Advertising at The New York Yacht Club was acclaimed, and she has also worked as a co-host and producer of Enough Is Enough a syndicated talk show for WLIW-TV, a PBS affiliate in NYC. Alexandre has worked as a publicist for The Economic Development Association of Puerto Rico and Champion International U.S. Plywood. She is a NJ Board Member of The Humane Society of America and resides in Delray Beach, Fl. and Nantucket , Ma. with her husband DeWitt.

Her latest book is the new adult fiction, Gem City Gypsy.

You can visit Kristin’s website at:

Lion’s Head Deception: Character Guest Post by Tanner

Lion's Head DeceptionWe’re excited to have Chuck Waldron back at Beyond the Books.  Today, one of his characters, Tanner from LION’S HEAD DECEPTION, has a problem he faces and he’s here to talk about it.

My name is Tanner

I’m afraid… terribly afraid, and I don’t care who knows it. My name is Tanner and I’m about to be a whistleblower, a snitch, an informer. I have good reason to be afraid because my boss will use all of his resources and all the resources of his company to stop me. He will kill to keep his intentions secret.

I know something about him he doesn’t want the world to know.He’s evil, pure evil, and he has people around him who have sold their soul to that devil. They will kill for him. All he has to do is pick up the phone and give the go-ahead.

The problem is that no one realizes he’s evil, hiding it so carefully behind a scrim. Nobody will believe when I tell them what he is planning to do.

I’ve thought about it, nonetheless. I’ve thought long and hard. When I whisper his secret I will be at risk, my family will be at risk, and it will extend to anyone I tell.

I was never sure what he saw in me when he sent his recruiters after me. Sure, I was way ahead of my classmates. I could design and administer communications technology in my sleep, which I often think I did. Claussen thought he knew all there was to know about me, but he didn’t know the real me, what was hiding inside.

In my position I could access all communications, even the ones Claussen imagined to hide behind his own privacy screen. It was one of his Emails that caught my attention. It hinted at a plan, really a conspiracy to undermine the country by instigating widespread social unrest, causing a demand for safety at any price.

But there was far more. He wanted to go beyond that to begin eliminating those he deemed unfit to live in his perfect world. I know enough about history to know that isn’t a new idea, but his plan had some new versions of how to do that.

I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to blow the whistle. I only have to decide who I am going to tell my story to.


About the Book:

In the prologue, the backdrop for Lion’s Head Deception is set, amongst rioting and unrest in a destabilized city.

Matt Tremain is a shy, private person who discovers a passion for writing blogs—a mission that propels him into investigative reporting. A tipster warns him of a diabolical scheme Matt simply can’t ignore. After the tipster is killed, Matt honors his memory by going forward to investigate the truth behind the conspiracy. He meets a television reporter and a cameraman also investigating the intrigue. Are they potential partners or rivals? A detective offers his assistance, but Matt is unsure of his true motivation. He is equally unsure of the allegiance of those in the top administration of police services. Matt Tremain and his friends are forced to go on the run, evading the newly-formed security teams. They must expose the truth before they are discovered, arrested and perhaps exterminated themselves…

The reader is introduced to Matt Tremain when a test message warns him of impending arrest. The first part of the novel provides an understanding of how he learns about a conspiracy, and the person behind it. A television journalist is investigating the same treachery. Will they be able to join forces? The end of part one introduces a police detective. Will he be friend or foe?

Part two takes place at a private retreat. The antagonist, the scheme’s architect, unveils the complete details of his plan and gets the backing of his three co-conspirators. The location is the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario. It takes place at Lion’s Head and gives the novel the working name.

In an action-packed run to the finish line, will Matt and his partners be able to face the challenges it will take to expose the lies and treachery behind Operation CleanSweep?

About the Author:

CChuck Waldron’s latest novel, Lion’s Head Deception, is a dystopian story about an investigative blogger who uncovers more than he ever imagines…and has no idea what to do with his discovery.

An investigative blogger uncovers a sinister conspiracy, a billionaire’s plan backed by select government officials, designed to exterminate citizens who do not live up to a predetermined screening matrix; under the guise of rioting and a destabilized city, the plan is implemented and the blogger fights not only to discover and reveal the truth, but to survive.

“I grew up,” Chuck said, “listening to my grandfather, an Ozark Mountain story teller, spinning tales of the caves on his farm, describing them as hiding places once used by the Jesse & Frank James’ gang. It didn’t matter if the stories were true or not. Those legends set fire to my imagination, creating images that emerged slowly over the years, finally igniting as my short stories and novels.”

Now, thirty-plus short stories and three novels later, ideas keep coming, with more novels under development. Do they share anything in common? Each has its own unique voice and tale to tell, yet, at their heart, his stories tell about the human condition – the good, the bad and the ugly.

As Chuck tells it, “stored images that echo in my writing include train whistles in the night, Norman Rockwell childhood scenes, U.S. Army memories, blue collar jobs, university, a professional career, and finally retirement. Many of my images are drawn from this pool of memories: places visited, sights seen, and people met. The rest I fill in with my imagination: dreams of places yet to be visited, sights yet to be seen, and people yet to meet.”

His literary roots were planted in the American Midwest and thrived when transplanted to the rich, cultural soil of Ontario. He and his wife, Suzanne, are now warmed by the sun on Florida’s Treasure Coast.

His latest book is Lion’s Head Deception.

Visit his website at

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