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An Interview with American Poet Nadia Brown

UNSCRAMBLED EGGSNadia Brown is an American poet, freelance writer, and author of the award-winning book, Unscrambled Eggs. She was awarded in January the 2007 Carolyn Howard-Johnson’s Noble Prize for Literature and the Allbooks Review Editor’s Choice Award for outstanding literary achievement for her book Unscrambled Eggs. This is the third award Unscrambled Eggs has received and the fourth time the book has been nominated. Previously, Ms. Brown received the Poetry Book of Merit Award from The American Authors Association. Her articles and poetry have been published and/or featured in national and international literary journals, magazines in print and online publications. She is also the founder of and maintains her own website at . 

Welcome to Beyond the Books, Nadia.  Can you tell us whether you are published for the first time or multi-published?  Can you give us the title(s) of your book(s)?  

Unscrambled Eggs is my first and latest book collection. It was an organic process, and I hope it will make a difference in other people’s lives. If Unscrambled Eggs does this, then all my efforts and hard work in promoting this book would all be worth it! 

What was the name of your very first book regardless of whether it was published or not and, if not published, why?

Well… Unscrambled Eggs is my first book; however, the title Unscrambled Eggs wasn’t my first choice. I had two other titles prior to finally settling on the current title. It is an interesting fact that many people may not know. 

For your first published book, how many rejections did you go through before you either found a mainstream publisher, self-published it, or paid a vanity press to publish it?

I was fortunate that I didn’t go through any rejections, which was a good thing. If I had been rejected it probably would have taken me a lot larger to get Unscrambled Eggs published. A writer friend at the time recommended my current publisher and as soon as I felt my manuscript was complete I submitted my work. 

How did the rejections make you feel and what did you do to overcome the blows? 

When your first book was published, who published it and why did you choose them? I really didn’t know anything about the publishing industry at the time I published my first book. Also, my current publisher (Publish America) was recommended to me by a fellow writer who at the time was published with another publisher. 

How did it make you feel to become published for the first time and how did you celebrate? 

I was excited when I first received copies of my book! I felt I had accomplished something important. It was a big deal. My family is so proud of me and has continued to support me throughout my writing career.   

What was the first thing you did as for as promotion when you were published for the first time?

The first thing I did was to request reviews for Unscrambled Eggs. I initially requested reviews from fellow authors then began requesting reviews from professional book reviewers. 

If you had to do it over again, would you have chosen another route to be published?

There are perhaps many things I would do differently; I would have perhaps chosen a different publishing company. At the time I didn’t know much about various publishers. I knew I couldn’t afford hundreds of dollars to be published and that is why I went with the company I did. But I believe everything is for a reason, and goes with the publisher I did was probably the best decision at the time. 

Have you been published since then and how have you grown as an author?

No. I have been promoting Unscrambled Eggs for a while on purpose, and during the past two years I’ve definitely grown as an author. I realize that being an author you have to wear many hats–salesperson, marketer, editor, entrepreneur, public speaker…. If you are not prepared as an author for all that is required of you, then you might find the task overwhelming. 

Looking back since the early days when you were trying to get published, what do you think you could have done differently to speed things up?  What kind of mistakes could you have avoided?

I really have no regrets regarding this area as the first time I submitted my work for publication, my manuscript was accepted by my current publisher. It was my first time ever submitting a collection of work to a publisher. I believe my manuscript was published at the appropriate time when it was. 

What has been the biggest accomplishment you have achieved since becoming published?

The biggest accomplishment I have achieved is getting book sales. It is not easy to sell products of any kind, and whenever someone tells me that they bought a copy of Unscrambled Eggs I am always pleased that people take the time to support me–that they find value in my work. I was recently told by a lady from India that her local bookstore was going to order copies of my book. I was thrilled when she told me this. It actually put a smile on my face. I also would have to say being honored with book awards from the American Authors Association, Allbooks Reviews, Muses Review, and author, Carolyn Howard-Johnson were equally gratifying. 

If you could have chosen another profession, what would that profession be?

Wow…that is a great question. I love the entertainment field, so if I had to choose another profession I would definitely become a singer. I’m not a great singer, but I love words and singing is another form of expression. It is another outlet where you can create and express yourself through words.   

Would you give up being an author for that profession or have you combined the best of both worlds? 

I love being an author; however, songwriting and music was my first love. Fortunately, I will be combining the best of both worlds. I still plan to publish my songs I wrote years ago. I also plan to write more songs in the future. Who knows maybe one day I might even sing on a record.  

How do you see yourself in ten years?

I see myself as a published author of several books– including a book on marketing. I also see myself being involved in film and music. I would love to see something I created made into a film. 

Any final words for writers who dream of being published one day?

For one, they should know that anything is possible–no matter how big one’s dream might be. They should always be willing to grow in their craft, and should strive to produce quality work. They should seek to put God first, and He will open closed doors.  


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